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If your home’s assessed value exceeds its market value, you could benefit from filing an appeal.

Home Tax Experts is a property tax reduction service that represents California homeowners in the assessment appeals process. We can help you through the appeals process by filing the appropriate forms, discussing your case with the tax assessor, and representing you at your appeal hearing.

Your initial consultation is free. If the county assessor does not lower your property tax, there is no cost for our services.

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Visit, a free online tool, to quickly learn if you can benefit from an appeal. If your property tax is validated, there’s no need to file an appeal.

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“The Validator website is so easy to use. I have told all my friends about this service – they would be crazy not to use it.”

Amy C - San Diego, CA

When to File an Appeal

Put California Tax Laws to Work for You

When to File an Appeal Chart

Property Tax Assessment Law: Prop 13

CA Proposition 13 allows the county to increase your property tax assessment approximately 2% each year, based on the purchase price of your home. The county usually assesses your home at the Prop 13 ceiling.

Market Value is Above the Prop 13 Ceiling

Even if the market value of your home is above the ceiling, your property can only be assessed up to the Prop 13 value.

Market Value is Below the Prop 13 Ceiling

If the market value of your home is below the Prop 13 ceiling, you have the right to appeal the county’s opinion of value to match your home’s current market value, based on CA Proposition 8.


September 15

For Alameda, Inyo, Kings, Orange, Placer, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, Santa Clara, Sierra, and Ventura.

November 30

For all other California Counties.


About 2 out of 100 homeowners who qualify for a property tax refund actually file.

Source: Home Tax Experts


Many people are confused about what to do, or they don’t have time to speak up for what's fair.

Two out of 100 homeowners

Home Tax Experts have helped homeowners like you.
If we accept a client, we do what it takes to achieve a reduction from the county. Since our inception 8 years ago, close to 95% of our clients receive a reduction from the county assessor.

“I did the appeal myself in 2010 and it took a lot of my time and energy. Since then, I’ve hired Home Tax Experts and every year, my home property tax was reduced. The comparable data and their research made all the difference.”

Ty C - Los Altos Hills, CA

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California has specific rules regarding property tax agent disclosure and fees.

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